The AJV Co Advantage.
Helping organisations grow since 1988!

  • Uniquely positioned to harmoniously integrate Information Technologies with Business Management solutions.
  • Excellent track record, extensive international experience and truly multicultural background.
  • Trusted Management and Information Systems advisors with over three decades of experience and the backup of a broad network of associates.
  • A deep understanding of financial and compliance issues from long and close associations with professional services firms.
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We have extensive experience in strategic operational management for multinational organisations. Our strengths lie in, leadership, strategy, restructuring and re-engineering, cost containment, financial management and compliance issues. We work directly with senior management to bring about complete culture change and introduce modern work practices. Our ability to quickly understand underlying issues and our unique multicultural background enables us to relate to everyone in the organisation in order to bring about change.


IT is everywhere and can make or break a business it impacts everything you do. Technology is in our DNA with decades of experience in the development and implementation of Information Technology systems. Our particular advantage is our ability to help integrate technology into your organisational procedures and foster a culture of advancement (the hard bit that others leave you to wrestle with yourself).


We weave security into the fabric of our work. It's essential to be able to work and interact with your clients and colleagues online, and we are acutely aware that your data is private, we specialise in cloud technology. With AJV Co you can have all the convenience without risking your sensitive data on a public cloud platform. We can also package this with a complete internal data storage and management system, all safe and secure based on leading OpenSource solutions and free of software licensing fees.

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